Surviving Day 1 without my Confinement Lady.

Those who’ve been following my Instagram would know I’ve had a really amazing confinement lady. I was feeling insecure and a little emotional about her leaving. And then the day finally came. To distract myself, I focused on the fact that I can eat whatever I want now and bathe/wash hair whenever I want as well. 

Day 0 was overwhelming already even though my mum came to help. It almost felt like I have a replacement confinement lady. Haha! 

Day 1 is over and I’ve done one night by myself. How have I survived? Support.  Last night, mum came in and sat with me while I was feeding Beth (on my painful side). That’s possibly the most comforting thing I’ve had. 
she did our morning feed too, since she’s always up and about by 5am anyway. (So now I’m on night duty. Haha) 

Also still celebrating small wins, like a wail free bath this morning, a smiley baby after her hep B jab, our first walk around the neighbourhood as a family of 3, and Beth soothing herself to sleep while we were having dinner. 

All in all, being thankful for every little thing helps. 
We’re getting there , baby steps. Literally. 

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