One of the biggest projects I’ve done to date was to illustrate a Children’s Book for RSAF55 – Wings of my Own. 50000 copies were distributed to schools, all over Singapore. There were library outreach sessions with animations, a downloadable copy of the book, and an animated youtube video.

I first advertised for for Fujifilm when they launched the SQ1. Subsequently they engaged me to design their store display for Suntec’s Fujifilm store during the launch of the Instax Link, and their mascots for the InstaxPal.

I designed a series of Public information posters for SingHealth Speech Therapy Week 2018 to educate the public on speech and communication in both the adult and paediatric population.

I also designed the “Stronger Together” powerbank for the Division of Medicine to encourage healthcare workers during COVID.

I’ve also had the privilege of designing Christmas and Chinese New Year Greetings / Chinese New Year AngPow Drive for St Lukes Hospital since 2020. 

As well as for the Methodist Welfare Singapore.

And a comic strip for Focus on the Family.

I also designed the Motherswork 25th Anniversary collection – merchandise used to collaborate with various other brands, as well as Chinese New Year AngPows.