Re-imagine Wonder within Your Home.

Hi everyone! With all the safe distancing measures and staying home, many artists were giving out workshops etc. I FOMO (fear of missing out) and wished I could teach you guys a new skill or do a encouragement gift thing that can be sent out. But with baby Beth and the confinement lady around, I am serving day 20 of a different kind of Stay Home Notice (the confinement period that the Chinese do) with my hands full of a wriggly newborn. That means, I have minimal capacity to come up with a workshop nor mail out a whole bunch of things.

But here’s something I thought of that I can share and you can do – re-imagine my Never Lose Your Wonder piece with your own scenery, colours and style, and mail me a photo of it at! I might showcase it on my instagram 🙂 Yes! to letting it be a childrens’ activity, yes! to doing multiple pieces, and yes! to expanding the limits of your creativity! I look forward to seeing what you create!

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