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Washi tape rolls

Width of tape: 2.5cm

Length of roll 10m

Not too sticky – generally will not leave residue on surfaces. If removed gently, should not tear pages.

3 sets of 3 designs:

Creatures (Jungle, Dinosaur, Under the Sea)

Foliage (Batik, Floral fantasy, Wildberries)

Christian (5 loaves 2 fishes, Noah’s ark, Fruit of the Spirit)

Decided to put up a BULK option lest you’re looking at gifting!
These are quantities based for 10 pieces, and I can’t cater for everything, but if you’re keen on 8, or 12, or 15, drop me an email ( please and let’s work something out!

Meanwhile if you’re happy with 10, you could state your requests in the comments in shipping or email me, whichever works!

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Additional information

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Children, Studying / Working

Single or set of 3

Wild berries, Batik Bunny, Floral Fantasy, Set of 3


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