Raspberry’s Birth Story


RASPBERRY’S BIRTH STORY | The day before turning 39weeks, my OB suggests to induce #raspberryseah. I say okay because it takes off a lot of stress of having to call my folks to come help care for blueberry 1am.

I check in, get induced, and after some observation, go down to accompany my husband for dinner. Then decide it’s prudent to get an early night’s rest in case my sleep is disrupted. Indeed it is. 3h later I wake up with contractions 3-5 minutes apart. Insistent I want to remain mobile, I continue waiting around the general ward till it was unbearable. By then I had kinda decided that I’m going to get myself an epidural.

The nurse checks my cervix; I’m 4-5cm dilated. She goes ahead to call my OB and the anaesthesiologist for an epidural. The anaesthesiologist says he’d be here in 10 minutes. I grumble in my head – so slow. But a moment later my water bursts, and the nurse says I’ve gone up to 8-9cm dilated. “Aiya no need epidural la.” Sh*t.

Within moments I tell them I feel like I need to push. My husband tells me baby was already crowning. Two big pushes and she’s out.

My OB walks in a while later. “Sorry, she couldn’t wait,” I say. I don’t blame him, this baby has no chill. With Raspberry on my chest, he delivers the placenta and stitches up while we chat about life as an OB. I’m truly in awe of his energy and cheer even with the long hours.

#blueberryseah is extremely excited. She doesn’t even want to see me on video, and keeps asking to see Raspberry. Within 24h, both Raspberry and I are discharged. All in all, thankful it was a quick and uneventful birth that we can be reunited as a family of four within a short span of time.

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