Bundle of Joy!

I had intended to write something longer but pain from my episiotomy is making me only want to lie down and close my eyes whenever I have the opportunity to.

Anyway, last Saturday, we welcomed our little bundle of joy – Beth! She is a week old as I write this. Or, I survived a week! She takes up 99% of my time and sleep, but she has been the light of my life since. I’ve been focusing a lot of my energy on caring for myself, family and baby. What that also means is although we’re still operating, I will take more time to ship your goods out. There are still some parcels I’ve yet to ship out; they’re coming but they’ll take awhile. I’m sorry!

Meanwhile, everyone who sees Beth says she’s a mini-me. But we dug up some old photos, and we’re not so sure anymore. Let us know what you think with the poll below!

Does Beth look more like Mummy or Daddy?

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