Humble Beginnings

This is me, Kristen. And my husband, Joel. I’m the creative in the family, and he has somehow (through marriage) become my secretary, accountant, business advisor. I’m definitely not complaining

When I first started out selling my work, I wasn’t sure of my commitment to this whole art thing so I started KEJJ with some like-minded friends. It worked out when I first started my full-time job, because then I had the chance to step back when I couldn’t cope with the workload. But as the little business grew, my needs for a website grew too. More than a shop, I wanted a portfolio page, blog where I could share things other than just about creating and art. Maybe about life, my cooking adventures, and of late, #blueberryseah adventures. It all sounds very exciting now, and so I’m pushing very hard for this site to get up and running. It’s still a little baby, and progress will likely be slow as #blueberryseah makes her way into the world. But I hope in due time it’ll be a lovely space to encourage, show love, and display the works I’ve been working on for years!

Signing off with lots of love, Kristen

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