Stocking up also means buying lots of cardboard and packing plastic. That is not helping the earth. It’s taken me some time to come up with a baby-step solution to this, but I think it’s about time.



I’m starting with A5 poster and A4 poster packaging only for now. For every packaging you return, you receive $1.50 off your next purchase onsite. $1.50 per packaging. That means if you return me 10, you get $15 off, stackable. Good deal?

If you also bought cards and would like to return your plastics together with these, you are more than welcome!


  1. Email me ( with these details
    1. Your name
    2. Contact number
    3. Number of A4/A5 cardboard+plastic packaging returned
  2. Put your name and contact number in your packaging as well
  3. Drop it off at Suntec Wild Olive Branch or mail it back to me (ask me for my address)
  4. I’ll give you a code to claim your discount once I’ve received your packaging.

Please note that I’ll try to respond ASAP. I’m likely to respond more quickly to those who mail their packaging directly to me. For those who drop their packaging off at Suntec, the whole process could take up to a month . I’m still in the midst of refining it and hopefully this will gradually become more seamless! :)

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