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He is my Protector (Mandarin) | Poster


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保护我的是耶和华 is my baby’s magic song, because it keeps her calm and quiet when we sing it. But it’s significant because this song is about Jesus being our protector (Psalm 121)!

I’m selling this piece in A3 and A4 because I like how it’s got so many details! I personally put up an A3 version of this in her playpen (next photo).

The A4 piece can fit in the frame, as pictured. However, if the A3 piece is placed into the frame, there will be no transparent spacing around it. As such I’m not offering this option for A3.

A3 pieces will be print on demand, as such please give me a week to get to printing it. Thank you. Do also notify me if they are urgent orders.

Earn up to 66 Points.
$1 per personalization Applies only to posters, brooches (on the card), apparel.
Trying to be a little more inclusive here in posters, so if you'd like the skin colour to suit your friend's skin tone, check an option and drop me a message. But you may need to factor in a little more time for me to do so!
Poster only gift wraps would be an envelope with a design and greeting printed on it.
Don't fill this in if you didn't need giftwrapping :)
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