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Hi everyone! We’re all excited about the new merch I’ve created and they’re all on RedBubble if you want to have a look at them.

The Problem

Shipping Costs

Shipping is a bomb if you bought just one piece, even if it’s 1 tshirt and 1 dress (e.g. you’d pay $12 to ship 1 tshirt, and another $11 for the dress). Why? Redbubble has suppliers all over the world, and different products are shipped from different places separately. Psst, even iPhone and Samsung cases are not from the same place!

The Solution

Making shipping cheaper individually

Shipping drastically reduces once you buy two same-pieces (different design is fine) and above (e.g. 1 piece is $12 shipping, 2 pieces $13, 3 pieces $14 and so on.
Free standard shipping is offered when you buy 10 pcs onesies/kids tshirts, or 10 adult hoodies.
The only other grouped-shipping I’ve found other than those, is that iphone soft and hard cases are probably made in the same place.

Though are we going to spend that individually? If you are, or if you can find friends to share that with you, I’m definitely happy for you to purchase direct from RedBubble!

Group Buy / PreOrder Option

I’m happy to collate orders that will be put in every first day of the month, if we have at least 5 of each type of piece, and split the shipping among all of us.

Group Buy Shipping Time

The deal then is we will have to wait 1 month from then for the goods to come. (e.g. your order placed with me on 10 Jan 2021, purchase will be made by me on 1 Feb 2021 and will only arrive with you on the week of 1 March 2021.) So if you’re purchasing kids’ apparel, PLEASE size up!

Should you need the order more quickly (e.g. by mid Feb), you’re welcome to buy directly from the site itself.

Drop me an email if you need help, or you’d want to create group-buy orders for more things! I’m adding them slowly because this is relatively administratively heavy for me!

Thank you for all the love! ♥️

xx Kristen
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