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Phone Covers from Redbubble designed by Kristen Kiong

Our first shipment of phone covers from redbubble designed by Kristen Kiong came in about two weeks ago, and I’ll say, I love them. I’ve had some people ask about the quality of the phone cases so I’ll address them here!

Quality of the phone cases:

I absolutely love the quality. I don’t think there’s fundamentally any issue with the cases.

A word of caution though – I’ve found that snap cases in general (everywhere) don’t cover the edges of your phone. So if you’re anything like me, clumsy, a snapcase is fairly likely to result in a ruined screen.

The soft and snap case makes are quite straightforward. The snapcase is probably made of impact resistant polycarbonate, and the soft one, frosted thermoplastic polyurethane. I’ve attached the back and side views of the tough case for you, so you know what it is. It combines the best of both previous cases – the outside is impact resistant polycarbonate like the snap case, and the inside is like black thermoplastic polyurethane.


Print Quality

After the experience with the T-shirt printers I was a little bit wary, but I will say, thankfully the print is great!

First up, the Tough and the Snap cases – the colours are vibrant, they overall look great!

Now here’s the soft case. The print is great and sharp, but as you can see, the colors aren’t as vibrant as those that were printed on the impact resistant polycarb. I think it’s the nature of the material, because when I was speaking to a friend, she also said “but soft cases are often less vibrant.” That said, it definitely doesn’t make the design any less.


To be absolutely fair to you, I’ve included a direct comparison of the soft case and tough case for you, so that you can see the color differences. It’s only because I’m doing a side-by-side comparison that the soft case looks so faded out, but if you took it out on its own, it looks perfect. The other reason why it probably looks faded out here, is because the tough case is opaque, and the soft case is translucent. So if you place a phone in the soft case, then the colours will look bolder as well.

Now I hope this helps you make a decision between the cases and reassures you about the quality. I dare say I’m picky about printing, so if i’m okay, you’re usually okay! If you’re having problems with chosing a design, sorry I can’t help because so am I!

We’ve opened our next batch of pre-orders and will place orders on 31 Jan 2021!

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