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How COVID-19 Stole Eid

This, is the adapted story of Dr Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas. Haha. Ok no, I don’t have a story. I just have been fairly affected about how my friends who celebrate Eid don’t get to celebrate it the way they usually do. If Chinese New Year was affected this way, I would be really upset. It saddens me to see how the world and the places that are usually bustling, are so quiet, like a zombie apocalypse. Take City Hall, or Oxford street in London (saw that on CNA today!)

So, to all friends who celebrate Eid, these two pieces are for you to send cheer to your friends and family! And if you don’t celebrate Eid? Then send it to someone who does. I hope this makes you guys feel a little more festive even in this unique world situation. Hugs and stay safe everyone!

(I don’t think the resolution here allows you to print it, but at least it can be sent through e-card! 🙂 My printer is also off-duty till post circuit breaker, so I can’t print these as physical cards, sadly.)

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